The Perfect Treat for Summer

What pairs better with warm weather and summertime than ice cream! If you're looking for a cold treat to cool you down this summer than look no forward to Straight Up Treatz new menu item: The Cassata Bar!

The Cassata Bar is a popular East African Street dessert, originally served in a foil tin and topped with chocolate sauce and peanuts. We decided to enrich the product by using high quality ingredients and serving the ice-cream in the form of a popsicle.

The Premium Cassata Bar is a cream based, vanilla flavored ice-cream, coated with Belgian milk chocolate, and topped with a generous amount of roasted peanuts - the perfect way to enjoy the summer heat!

I have had the pleasure to enjoy these bars, and I highly recommend them! They are creamy and crunchy and above all CHOCOLATEY! This is a treat that will definitely make your summer so much cooler and tastier.

To get your hands on the Cassata Bar, follow @StraightUpTreatz on Instagram.


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