Small Business Feature: The Tiramisu Lady

Tiramisu is an Italian dessert consisting of lady finger cookies, espresso, and cream. There are many different types of tiramisu and everyone puts their own spin on it, but one thing is for certain if you want an authentic and delicious tiramisu, you go to The Tiramisu Lady.

Located in Woodbridge, ON, The Tiramisu Lady is a home-based catering business that first started over 10 years ago. After a long hiatus, and lockdown cabin fever, she came back up and running bringing you Italian comfort food just like Nonna used to make!

Hi, I'm Amanda Ricci-Novielli, the face behind the tiramisu! I went to culinary school to further my passion for feeding others. While I don't work in the industry, cooking out of my little kitchen has been a dream come true for me. Everything I make is fresh and from scratch. From fresh pasta, lasagna, zeppole, and of course TIRAMISU! We have a whole menu dedicated to the classic "pick me up". Check us out on Instagram @The_Tiramisu_Lady and let someone else do the cooking!

I have been fortunate enough to try The Tiramisu Lady's food items, and I can honestly say they are not only delicious, but they are authentic to Italian cuisine. Above all, Amanda is an amazing human being and such a pleasure to do business with. To say I recommend her is an understatement. Don't even hesitate, just contact her! Want a night off of cooking? She can put together and amazing dinner and dessert for you and your family to enjoy.

Below is a gallery of her mouthwatering food items. If you're enticed and want more, visit her Instagram page.


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