Journey with Leia Upcoming Auction

Taken from @JourneywithLeia Instagram page:

Meet 3 year old Leia Luna Fallico! A fun loving beautiful girl who is full of life. Recently she has been diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Dykeratosis Congentia which shocked us all to our core. This does not define who Leia is. This is something that she will get through with the strength, love and determination from herself and everyone around her.

With this condition comes bone marrow failure. Leia’s blood levels continue to drop and we have yet to find a match for her. We are pleading for your help to find Leia a match. This process is very easy. Anyone can be a match, and all it entails is a simple swab of your cheek.

In support of Leia, The Mangia Market, The Small Market, and The Prestige Market have teamed up to host on online auction over Instagram to raise money for Leia.

On June 14 you can visit any of our Instagram pages to bid on items from over 70 local businesses! All food items will be featured on The Mangia Market's pages and other makers will be split between The Small Market and The Prestige Market's page.

The highest bidder will win the item and proceeds of the auction will go to support @JourneywithLeia. On June 16, 30 items will have a live auction and once again highest bidder wins.

If you wish to help support Leia there are a few ways you can:

  1. Get yourself swabbed to see if you are a match. Must be between ages 17-34 to qualify.

  2. Share Leia's story through social media and other means to get the word out about Leia.

  3. Bid on the auction items you're interest in.

  4. Share the information about the auction to let more people know.

  5. Donate to Journey with Leia through their links on their Instagram.

Here is a list of the vendors who are donating items to bid on:
























@danisdoggrooming @giugiusgrooms











































This community thus far has been absolutely amazing and words cannot describe how thankful we are for everyone's support in helping with this auction. Please mark your calendars and take part in the upcoming auction!


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