Holy Cannoli!

What's better than one cannoli? A giant one filled with many more cannoli's, of course! If you're a fan of cannoli's then this treat is for you.

This past weekend I had the pleasure to enjoy these homemade cannoli's from Dolceria Medusa. This jumbo cannoli was filled with 24 smaller cannoli's with three different flavours which included ricotta, crema pasticciera and crema pasticciera al ciocolato (chocolate) mix.

These cannoli's made a great alternative to traditional birthday cake. The shells ad the right amount of crunch and the fillings weren't too sweet. These are definitely cannoli's I would have time and time again!

Along with jumbo cannoli's, @dolceriamedusa also creates other traditional Italian desserts, including their infamous tiramisu. Check them out to experience a little taste on Italy in Canada.


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