Guilt-free Granola and Healthy Snacking

Are you nutty for nuts? We're talking mixed nuts, trail mix, and granola varieties? If so you need to check out a local business who is all about nuts, seeds and granola!

@Docebys is located in Tottenham, ON, and is run by Stephanie. She started this business because she was tired of purchasing granola with added fillers so she knew if she wanted healthy granola, she had to make it herself! Her goal was to create a product that wasn't overly sweet and that could be used in a variety of mixes and so Doce by S was born.

Her product is made using a variety of nuts and seeds which are slow cooked then baked. Once cooked she creates unique mixes to offer a variety of flavours to help boost your snack game without the guilt!

Her mixes can be found in baggies or jarred. She also offers mini bags in case you can't decide on what combination you'd like.

If you're tired of searching for a healthy granola or snack, look no further than @Docebys. She also offers select delivery!

Check out her list of available mixes below and check out their Instagram page for more details and to order.


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