Media Kit

Looking to grow your business, gain greater exposure, and reach potential new customers? If so, we want to help! The Mangia Market is a platform for food maker to gain exposure by showcasing their businesses. We have grown our own platform organically and in a short time have already established ourselves as the forerunners in the local food industry. We have countless feedback from customers who have found their cake makers, grazing board companies and much more from our Instagram page.

This is what people are saying about The Mangia Market:


I actually have used some vendors you posted. So I literally wouldn’t have found them if it weren’t for your page! Trying to spread love to vendors I’ve used that have been great. - Jessica


Girl your page just saved my daughters baptism! - Chantal I sent your page to my sis. She used it to find someone to do my nephew’s birthday cake. – Savda


Hey…my sister recommended you when I was looking for a local baker. I found someone! What a brilliant idea this is! - Sawil


I got so many followers thanks to the ads and some orders as well. Thank you so much!! - Dipthetipdessers


If you’re interested in promoting your business with us we offer different packages in order to fit your businesses needs:

Initial one-time promotion


As an introductory promo, we offer a one-time complimentary post on our feed and story. Just send us a DM with some images, a description outlining who you are, what you do, and where you are located/areas your serve.


Promotion of new product


Have a new product you want more potential customers to know about? We will gladly help spread the word!

24 Hour Instagram promo: $10.00

3-day Instagram promo: $25.00

You can also bring us the new item for us to take our own footage and testimonial of the product.


Sale promotion


Do you have an upcoming sale or promotion that you want to get the word out? We can also help with this!  

24 hour Instagram promo: $10.00

3-day Instagram promo: $25.00


Business promotion


Looking to have your business featured more than once to gain greater exposure? We offer the following options:


24 hour Instagram story: $10.00

Story + Feed: $15.00

3-day feature: $25.00

5-day feature: $40.00


Month-long commitment


If you are looking for more long-term promotion of you account, we can showcase you throughout the month in our stories and feed (roughly 12-16 posts). We would require a product to showcase to produce original content. Within the month we will engage with your account by saving, sharing, liking and commenting on your posts along with promoting your business on our page.


The cost for this starts at $150.00.


If you’re interested in a custom plan, please reach out to us as we are able to work around your needs and budget.



If a paid promotion isn’t feasible, we also offer collaborations. A collaboration can consist of The Mangia Market showcasing one of your provided items and then offering a custom discount code. For example, if you make cookies, we can showcase the cookies and promote to followers that if they purchase your cookies use the discount code MANGIA10 for 10% off as a means to drive sales. 


Another type  of  collaboration  is simply providing The  Mangia  Market  with  your item  for us to  show  off but  not providing  a  discount.


Important information

All promotions must be paid in full prior to the start of the promotion.

Promotions are non-refundable.

The Mangia Market does not guarantee sales or follows. We will use our platform the best we can to create exposure as a means to boosting engagement as a means to support your business.

The Mangia Market will work with you to offer suggestions when necessary. Unless we are creating unique context, it is the sole responsibility of the business to provide images.

Thank you so much for your interest in promoting your business with The Mangia Market. If you are interested in working with us or have any other questions please e-mail us at or DM us on Instagram.