FAQ & Policies

What is the Mangia Market?

The Mangia Market is an online platform where you can discover local food makers – both sweet and savoury.

What is the Mangia Box?

The Mangia Box is a curated sample treat box that contains items from local makers. This box offers samples from several food makers along with other creators and offers coupons for other local businesses.

Is the Mangia Box allergen-free?

Unfortunately, due to the variety of items in the Mangia Box it is not allergen free. This means we cannot guarantee that items do not contain or have come into contact with eggs, nuts (peanuts and other tree nuts), gluten-free, or other common allergens. Although some items may be allergen free, not all are so please be aware of this.

Is the Mangia Box vegan?

Although some items may be vegan, not all items are, and some boxes may not contain vegan options based on the vendors included in the box.

How much is the Mangia Box?

The box of the Mangia Box varies based on how many vendors are included. They start at $35 and go up from there. Prices are always posted once boxes are released for sale.

How do I order a Mangia Box?

To order a Mangia Box please click the link in our site under "Mangia Box Order Form" and fill out the order form. Once done you will receive a confirmation e-mail within 72 hours. Orders are only confirmed once payment is received. Payment is completed through e-transfer and money is sent to themangiamarket@gmail.com

How do I get my box?

Boxes are ready on dates that are posted. On that day you can either pick up your box free of charge in Kleinburg before 2 pm or if you paid for delivery, it will be delivered before noon on the designated day.

If I no longer want the box, can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of our business we cannot offer refunds.

I am a maker, how can I become a vendor?

Thanks for your interest in being a part of The Mangia Box. An application can be found linked on our website under "Manga Box Vendor Application". Applications are not opened all the time so keep an eye out on our Instagram when there is a vendor call!

I applied to be a vendor but didn’t make the box, now what?

We receive many applications and although we would love to include every applicant, we are unable. We try our best to include everyone but please be understanding that there is a wait.

How do I get featured on The Mangia Market Instagram?

To have your business showcased on our Instagram, please send us some product images along with a caption which details who you are, what you do,  and where you’re located. We currently only showcase food makers.

How can I advertise in the Mangia Box?

Whether you’re a food business or any other type of maker you can advertise in the Mangia Box. We will let you know how many coupons we need a week before the boxes are ready. Please have these dropped off to us. If you need The Mangia Market to prepare your coupons for you there is a fee for this. Please e-mail us to inquire.

Do you offer delivery?

We do offer delivery to surrounding areas of Vaughan. There is a fee for delivery so please e-mail us regarding this


Have any other questions, comments, feedback, concerns? E-mail them to themangiamarket@gmail.com